Anthony O'Baner

An Editor-in-the-Making

Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Anthony has always seen fashion as a medium for creative expression. According to his mother, he would often find loopholes in his primary school’s dress code to stand out.

Now at the age of 21, O’Baner studies at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he pursues his BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management.

Tapped by The Business of Fashion as one of 50 international FutureVOICES in 2016, O’Baner has had select editorial work featured in Vogue Italia’s ‘Best Of’ series, alongside other notable acclaim.

Majority of Anthony’s inspiration derives from his eclectic music taste and personal experiences. When he isn’t writing or developing a concept, you can find him at a local restaurant devouring truffle fries.

Photo: Joe Kelly